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LDAP Directory Search

This interface is based on a demo web application written in 1999 for a Meta-Directory / Identity Management project. It allows access to any data source that provides an LDAP interface such as OpenLDAP.


To test this LDAP interface, simply select an LDAP Directory to search from the list of sites and provide a query value. For example, entering "peter" as the "Given Name" query value will then search for people whose given name is Peter.

The site 'Client Workstation' will attempt to connect to your IP address on the default port 389. Please note that for the LDAP connection and data retrieval to be successful, you must have all the necessary access rights and routing to the directory through any intermediate firewalls, NAT, etc.

The site list contains a list of public LDAP directory servers that appear high on Internet Search Engines and has been compiled at random for test purposes.

Host, Port & Base

Instead of using the site list, you can enter the details of any LDAP server. You must provide the server name and the search base, for example: "" and "ou=employees,o=MyCompany,c=ch". If you do not provide a specific port, it defaults to 389.


Enter data into one or more of the query fields to search the directory. The wildcard '*' is allowed, so entering 'n*' as the "Given Name" and 'w*' as the "Surname" will list people whose first name starts with 'n' and last name starts with 'w'.

Please note that the number of entries returned from a directory is limited to 10.

Your Privacy

As with any web application, it would be simple to collect user information - intentionally or otherwise. This is not my intention and I do not save any information concerning servers, bind values or search filters. I have made every effort to make sure that confidential data will not appear accidentally in logs. However, I must remind everyone who uses this site that data will be sent in clear text across the internet and that I cannot accept any responsibility for subsequent loss or damage.
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